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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Prosthetic Procedures

section notes

Upper Limb

section notes
L6000L6026   Partial Hand
L6450L6450   Endoskeletal: Elbow Disarticulation
L6500L6500   Endoskeletal: Above Elbow
L6550L6550   Endoskeletal: Shoulder Disarticulation
L6570L6590   Endoskeletal: Interscapular Thoracic
L6600L6698   Additions: Upper Limb
L6050L6050   Wrist Disarticulation
L6055L6130   Below Elbow
L6200L6205   Elbow Disarticulation
L6250L6250   Above Elbow
L6300L6320   shoulder Disarticulation
L6350L6370   Interscapular Thoracic
L6380L6388   Immediate and Early Postsurgical Procedures
L6400L6400   Endoskeletal: Below Elbow
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