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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Prosthetic Procedures

section notes

Upper Limb

section notes

Additions: Upper Limb

section notes
L6600 Polycentric hinge pair
L6605 Single pivot hinge pair
L6610 Flexible metal hinge pair
L6611 Additional switch, ext power
L6615 Disconnect locking wrist uni
L6616 Disconnect insert locking wr
L6620 Flexion/extension wrist unit
L6621 Flex/ext wrist w/wo friction
L6623 Spring-ass rot wrst w/ latch
L6624 Flex/ext/rotation wrist unit
L6625 Rotation wrst w/ cable lock
L6628 Quick disconn hook adapter o
L6629 Lamination collar w/ couplin
L6630 Stainless steel any wrist
L6632 Latex suspension sleeve each
L6635 Lift assist for elbow
L6637 Nudge control elbow lock
L6638 Elec lock on manual pw elbow
L6640 Shoulder abduction joint pai
L6641 Excursion amplifier pulley t
L6642 Excursion amplifier lever ty
L6645 Shoulder flexion-abduction j
L6646 Multipo locking shoulder jnt
L6647 Shoulder lock actuator
L6648 Ext pwrd shlder lock/unlock
L6650 Shoulder universal joint
L6655 Standard control cable extra
L6660 Heavy duty control cable
L6665 Teflon or equal cable lining
L6670 Hook to hand cable adapter
L6672 Harness chest/shlder saddle
L6675 Harness figure of 8 sing con
L6676 Harness figure of 8 dual con
L6677 Ue triple control harness
L6680 Test sock wrist disart/bel e
L6682 Test sock elbw disart/above
L6684 Test socket shldr disart/tho
L6686 Suction socket
L6687 Frame typ socket bel elbow/w
L6688 Frame typ sock above elb/dis
L6689 Frame typ socket shoulder di
L6690 Frame typ sock interscap-tho
L6691 Removable insert each
L6692 Silicone gel insert or equal
L6693 Lockingelbow forearm cntrbal
L6694 Elbow socket ins use w/lock
L6695 Elbow socket ins use w/o lck
L6696 Cus elbo skt in for con/atyp
L6697 Cus elbo skt in not con/atyp
L6698 Below/above elbow lock mech
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