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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Prosthetic Procedures

section notes

Prosthetic Implants

section notes
L8600L8606   Integumentary System
L8609L8693   Head: Skull, Eyes, Ears, Facial Bones, and Temporomandibular Joint
L8630L8631   Upper Extremity
L8641L8642   Lower Extremity -- Joint: Knee, Ankle, Toe
L8658L8659   Miscellaneous Muscular-Skeletal
L8670L8699   Cardiovascular System
L9900L9900   Other
L8500 Artificial larynx
L8501 Tracheostomy speaking valve
L8505 Artificial larynx, accessory
L8507 Trach-esoph voice pros pt in
L8509 Trach-esoph voice pros md in
L8510 Voice amplifier
L8511 Indwelling trach insert
L8512 Gel cap for trach voice pros
L8513 Trach pros cleaning device
L8514 Repl trach puncture dilator
L8515 Gel cap app device for trach
L8605 Inj bulking agent anal canal
L8607 Inj vocal cord bulking agent
L8608 Arg ii ext com/sup/acc misc
L8625 Charger coch impl/aoi battry
L8694 Aoi transducer/actuator repl
L8698 Misc used with tot art heart
L8701 Pow ue rom dev ewh uprt cust
L8702 Pow ue rom dev ewhf uprt cus
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