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HCPCS Procedure & Supply Codes

Prosthetic Procedures

section notes

Prosthetic Implants

section notes
L8600L8606   Injectable Bulking Agent
L8609L8693   Head: Skull, Eyes, Ears, Facial Bones, and Temporomandibular Joint
L8630L8631   Upper Extremity
L8641L8642   Lower Extremity -- Joint: Knee, Ankle, Toe
L8658L8659   Miscellaneous Muscular-Skeletal
L8670L8699   Neurostimulators and Supplies
L9900L9900   Other
L8055L8015   Neck/Throat
L8500   Artificial larynx, any type
L8501   Tracheostomy speaking valve
L8505   Artificial larynx replacement battery / accessory, any type
L8507   Tracheo-esophageal voice prosthesis, patient inserted, any type, each
L8509   Tracheo-esophageal voice prosthesis, inserted by a licensed health care provider...
L8510   Voice amplifier
L8511   Insert for indwelling tracheoesophageal prosthesis, with or without valve, repla...
L8512   Gelatin capsules or equivalent, for use with tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis,...
L8513   Cleaning device used with tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis, pipet, brush, or e...
L8514   Tracheoesophageal puncture dilator, replacement only, each
L8515   Gelatin capsule, application device for use with tracheoesophageal voice prosthe...
L8605   Injectable bulking agent, dextranomer/hyaluronic acid copolymer implant, anal ca...
L8607   Injectable bulking agent for vocal cord medialization, 0.1 ml, includes shipping...
L8608   Miscellaneous external component, supply or accessory for use with the argus ii ...
L8625   External recharging system for battery for use with cochlear implant or auditory...
L8694   Auditory osseointegrated device, transducer/actuator, replacement only, each
L8698   Miscellaneous component, supply or accessory for use with total artificial heart...
L8701   Powered upper extremity range of motion assist device, elbow, wrist, hand with s...
L8702   Powered upper extremity range of motion assist device, elbow, wrist, hand, finge...
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