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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System 3 - Upper Arteries

section notes

Operation R - Replacement

section notes
03R007Z03R04KZ   Body Part 0 - Internal Mammary Artery, Right
03R107Z03R14KZ   Body Part 1 - Internal Mammary Artery, Left
03R207Z03R24KZ   Body Part 2 - Innominate Artery
03R307Z03R34KZ   Body Part 3 - Subclavian Artery, Right
03R407Z03R44KZ   Body Part 4 - Subclavian Artery, Left
03R507Z03R54KZ   Body Part 5 - Axillary Artery, Right
03R607Z03R64KZ   Body Part 6 - Axillary Artery, Left
03R707Z03R74KZ   Body Part 7 - Brachial Artery, Right
03R807Z03R84KZ   Body Part 8 - Brachial Artery, Left
03R907Z03R94KZ   Body Part 9 - Ulnar Artery, Right
03RA07Z03RA4KZ   Body Part A - Ulnar Artery, Left
03RB07Z03RB4KZ   Body Part B - Radial Artery, Right
03RC07Z03RC4KZ   Body Part C - Radial Artery, Left
03RD07Z03RD4KZ   Body Part D - Hand Artery, Right
03RF07Z03RF4KZ   Body Part F - Hand Artery, Left
03RG07Z03RG4KZ   Body Part G - Intracranial Artery
03RH07Z03RH4KZ   Body Part H - Common Carotid Artery, Right
03RJ07Z03RJ4KZ   Body Part J - Common Carotid Artery, Left
03RK07Z03RK4KZ   Body Part K - Internal Carotid Artery, Right
03RL07Z03RL4KZ   Body Part L - Internal Carotid Artery, Left
03RM07Z03RM4KZ   Body Part M - External Carotid Artery, Right
03RN07Z03RN4KZ   Body Part N - External Carotid Artery, Left
03RP07Z03RP4KZ   Body Part P - Vertebral Artery, Right
03RQ07Z03RQ4KZ   Body Part Q - Vertebral Artery, Left
03RR07Z03RR4KZ   Body Part R - Face Artery
03RS07Z03RS4KZ   Body Part S - Temporal Artery, Right
03RT07Z03RT4KZ   Body Part T - Temporal Artery, Left
03RU07Z03RU4KZ   Body Part U - Thyroid Artery, Right
03RV07Z03RV4KZ   Body Part V - Thyroid Artery, Left
03RY07Z03RY4KZ   Body Part Y - Upper Artery
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