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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System 4 - Lower Arteries

section notes

Operation C - Extirpation

section notes
04C00ZZ04C04ZZ   Body Part 0 - Abdominal Aorta
04C10ZZ04C14ZZ   Body Part 1 - Celiac Artery
04C20ZZ04C24ZZ   Body Part 2 - Gastric Artery
04C30ZZ04C34ZZ   Body Part 3 - Hepatic Artery
04C40ZZ04C44ZZ   Body Part 4 - Splenic Artery
04C50ZZ04C54ZZ   Body Part 5 - Superior Mesenteric Artery
04C60ZZ04C64ZZ   Body Part 6 - Colic Artery, Right
04C70ZZ04C74ZZ   Body Part 7 - Colic Artery, Left
04C80ZZ04C84ZZ   Body Part 8 - Colic Artery, Middle
04C90ZZ04C94ZZ   Body Part 9 - Renal Artery, Right
04CA0ZZ04CA4ZZ   Body Part A - Renal Artery, Left
04CB0ZZ04CB4ZZ   Body Part B - Inferior Mesenteric Artery
04CC0ZZ04CC4ZZ   Body Part C - Common Iliac Artery, Right
04CD0ZZ04CD4ZZ   Body Part D - Common Iliac Artery, Left
04CE0ZZ04CE4ZZ   Body Part E - Internal Iliac Artery, Right
04CF0ZZ04CF4ZZ   Body Part F - Internal Iliac Artery, Left
04CH0ZZ04CH4ZZ   Body Part H - External Iliac Artery, Right
04CJ0ZZ04CJ4ZZ   Body Part J - External Iliac Artery, Left
04CK0ZZ04CK4ZZ   Body Part K - Femoral Artery, Right
04CL0ZZ04CL4ZZ   Body Part L - Femoral Artery, Left
04CM0ZZ04CM4ZZ   Body Part M - Popliteal Artery, Right
04CN0ZZ04CN4ZZ   Body Part N - Popliteal Artery, Left
04CP0ZZ04CP4ZZ   Body Part P - Anterior Tibial Artery, Right
04CQ0ZZ04CQ4ZZ   Body Part Q - Anterior Tibial Artery, Left
04CR0ZZ04CR4ZZ   Body Part R - Posterior Tibial Artery, Right
04CS0ZZ04CS4ZZ   Body Part S - Posterior Tibial Artery, Left
04CT0ZZ04CT4ZZ   Body Part T - Peroneal Artery, Right
04CU0ZZ04CU4ZZ   Body Part U - Peroneal Artery, Left
04CV0ZZ04CV4ZZ   Body Part V - Foot Artery, Right
04CW0ZZ04CW4ZZ   Body Part W - Foot Artery, Left
04CY0ZZ04CY4ZZ   Body Part Y - Lower Artery
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