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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System 8 - Eye

section notes

Operation 5 - Destruction

section notes
0850XZZ0850XZZ   Body Part 0 - Eye, Right
0851XZZ0851XZZ   Body Part 1 - Eye, Left
08523ZZ08523ZZ   Body Part 2 - Anterior Chamber, Right
08533ZZ08533ZZ   Body Part 3 - Anterior Chamber, Left
08543ZZ08543ZZ   Body Part 4 - Vitreous, Right
08553ZZ08553ZZ   Body Part 5 - Vitreous, Left
0856XZZ0856XZZ   Body Part 6 - Sclera, Right
0857XZZ0857XZZ   Body Part 7 - Sclera, Left
0858XZZ0858XZZ   Body Part 8 - Cornea, Right
0859XZZ0859XZZ   Body Part 9 - Cornea, Left
085A0ZZ085A3ZZ   Body Part A - Choroid, Right
085B0ZZ085B3ZZ   Body Part B - Choroid, Left
085C3ZZ085C3ZZ   Body Part C - Iris, Right
085D3ZZ085D3ZZ   Body Part D - Iris, Left
085E3ZZ085E3ZZ   Body Part E - Retina, Right
085F3ZZ085F3ZZ   Body Part F - Retina, Left
085G3ZZ085G3ZZ   Body Part G - Retinal Vessel, Right
085H3ZZ085H3ZZ   Body Part H - Retinal Vessel, Left
085J3ZZ085J3ZZ   Body Part J - Lens, Right
085K3ZZ085K3ZZ   Body Part K - Lens, Left
085L0ZZ085L3ZZ   Body Part L - Extraocular Muscle, Right
085M0ZZ085M3ZZ   Body Part M - Extraocular Muscle, Left
085N0ZZ085NXZZ   Body Part N - Upper Eyelid, Right
085P0ZZ085PXZZ   Body Part P - Upper Eyelid, Left
085Q0ZZ085QXZZ   Body Part Q - Lower Eyelid, Right
085R0ZZ085RXZZ   Body Part R - Lower Eyelid, Left
085SXZZ085SXZZ   Body Part S - Conjunctiva, Right
085TXZZ085TXZZ   Body Part T - Conjunctiva, Left
085V0ZZ085V3ZZ   Body Part V - Lacrimal Gland, Right
085W0ZZ085W3ZZ   Body Part W - Lacrimal Gland, Left
085X0ZZ085X8ZZ   Body Part X - Lacrimal Duct, Right
085Y0ZZ085Y8ZZ   Body Part Y - Lacrimal Duct, Left
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