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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System 9 - Ear, Nose, Sinus

section notes

Operation P - Removal

section notes
09P700Z09P7X0Z   Body Part 7 - Tympanic Membrane, Right
09P800Z09P8X0Z   Body Part 8 - Tympanic Membrane, Left
09PD0SZ09PD8SZ   Body Part D - Inner Ear, Right
09PE0SZ09PE8SZ   Body Part E - Inner Ear, Left
09PH00Z09PHXKZ   Body Part H - Ear, Right
09PJ00Z09PJXKZ   Body Part J - Ear, Left
09PK00Z09PKXKZ   Body Part K - Nasal Mucosa and Soft Tissue
09PY00Z09PYX0Z   Body Part Y - Sinus
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