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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System 9 - Ear, Nose, Sinus

section notes

Operation R - Replacement

section notes
09R007Z09R0XKZ   Body Part 0 - External Ear, Right
09R107Z09R1XKZ   Body Part 1 - External Ear, Left
09R207Z09R2XKZ   Body Part 2 - External Ear, Bilateral
09R507Z09R50KZ   Body Part 5 - Middle Ear, Right
09R607Z09R60KZ   Body Part 6 - Middle Ear, Left
09R707Z09R78KZ   Body Part 7 - Tympanic Membrane, Right
09R807Z09R88KZ   Body Part 8 - Tympanic Membrane, Left
09R907Z09R90KZ   Body Part 9 - Auditory Ossicle, Right
09RA07Z09RA0KZ   Body Part A - Auditory Ossicle, Left
09RD07Z09RD0KZ   Body Part D - Inner Ear, Right
09RE07Z09RE0KZ   Body Part E - Inner Ear, Left
09RK07Z09RKXKZ   Body Part K - Nasal Mucosa and Soft Tissue
09RL07Z09RL8KZ   Body Part L - Nasal Turbinate
09RM07Z09RM4KZ   Body Part M - Nasal Septum
09RN07Z09RN8KZ   Body Part N - Nasopharynx
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