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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System D - Gastrointestinal System

section notes

Operation B - Excision

section notes
0DB10ZX0DB18ZZ   Body Part 1 - Esophagus, Upper
0DB20ZX0DB28ZZ   Body Part 2 - Esophagus, Middle
0DB30ZX0DB38ZZ   Body Part 3 - Esophagus, Lower
0DB40ZX0DB48ZZ   Body Part 4 - Esophagogastric Junction
0DB50ZX0DB58ZZ   Body Part 5 - Esophagus
0DB60Z30DB68ZZ   Body Part 6 - Stomach
0DB70ZX0DB78ZZ   Body Part 7 - Stomach, Pylorus
0DB80ZX0DB88ZZ   Body Part 8 - Small Intestine
0DB90ZX0DB98ZZ   Body Part 9 - Duodenum
0DBA0ZX0DBA8ZZ   Body Part A - Jejunum
0DBB0ZX0DBB8ZZ   Body Part B - Ileum
0DBC0ZX0DBC8ZZ   Body Part C - Ileocecal Valve
0DBE0ZX0DBE8ZZ   Body Part E - Large Intestine
0DBF0ZX0DBF8ZZ   Body Part F - Large Intestine, Right
0DBG0ZX0DBGFZZ   Body Part G - Large Intestine, Left
0DBH0ZX0DBH8ZZ   Body Part H - Cecum
0DBJ0ZX0DBJ8ZZ   Body Part J - Appendix
0DBK0ZX0DBK8ZZ   Body Part K - Ascending Colon
0DBL0ZX0DBLFZZ   Body Part L - Transverse Colon
0DBM0ZX0DBMFZZ   Body Part M - Descending Colon
0DBN0ZX0DBNFZZ   Body Part N - Sigmoid Colon
0DBP0ZX0DBP8ZZ   Body Part P - Rectum
0DBQ0ZX0DBQXZZ   Body Part Q - Anus
0DBR0ZX0DBR4ZZ   Body Part R - Anal Sphincter
0DBU0ZX0DBU4ZZ   Body Part U - Omentum
0DBV0ZX0DBV4ZZ   Body Part V - Mesentery
0DBW0ZX0DBW4ZZ   Body Part W - Peritoneum
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