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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System H - Skin and Breast

section notes

Operation N - Release

section notes
0HN0XZZ0HN0XZZ   Body Part 0 - Skin, Scalp
0HN1XZZ0HN1XZZ   Body Part 1 - Skin, Face
0HN2XZZ0HN2XZZ   Body Part 2 - Skin, Right Ear
0HN3XZZ0HN3XZZ   Body Part 3 - Skin, Left Ear
0HN4XZZ0HN4XZZ   Body Part 4 - Skin, Neck
0HN5XZZ0HN5XZZ   Body Part 5 - Skin, Chest
0HN6XZZ0HN6XZZ   Body Part 6 - Skin, Back
0HN7XZZ0HN7XZZ   Body Part 7 - Skin, Abdomen
0HN8XZZ0HN8XZZ   Body Part 8 - Skin, Buttock
0HN9XZZ0HN9XZZ   Body Part 9 - Skin, Perineum
0HNAXZZ0HNAXZZ   Body Part A - Skin, Inguinal
0HNBXZZ0HNBXZZ   Body Part B - Skin, Right Upper Arm
0HNCXZZ0HNCXZZ   Body Part C - Skin, Left Upper Arm
0HNDXZZ0HNDXZZ   Body Part D - Skin, Right Lower Arm
0HNEXZZ0HNEXZZ   Body Part E - Skin, Left Lower Arm
0HNFXZZ0HNFXZZ   Body Part F - Skin, Right Hand
0HNGXZZ0HNGXZZ   Body Part G - Skin, Left Hand
0HNHXZZ0HNHXZZ   Body Part H - Skin, Right Upper Leg
0HNJXZZ0HNJXZZ   Body Part J - Skin, Left Upper Leg
0HNKXZZ0HNKXZZ   Body Part K - Skin, Right Lower Leg
0HNLXZZ0HNLXZZ   Body Part L - Skin, Left Lower Leg
0HNMXZZ0HNMXZZ   Body Part M - Skin, Right Foot
0HNNXZZ0HNNXZZ   Body Part N - Skin, Left Foot
0HNQXZZ0HNQXZZ   Body Part Q - Finger Nail
0HNRXZZ0HNRXZZ   Body Part R - Toe Nail
0HNT0ZZ0HNTXZZ   Body Part T - Breast, Right
0HNU0ZZ0HNUXZZ   Body Part U - Breast, Left
0HNV0ZZ0HNVXZZ   Body Part V - Breast, Bilateral
0HNW0ZZ0HNWXZZ   Body Part W - Nipple, Right
0HNX0ZZ0HNXXZZ   Body Part X - Nipple, Left
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