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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System H - Skin and Breast

section notes
0H0T07Z0H0VXZZ   Operation 0 - Alteration
0H2PX0Z0H2UXYZ   Operation 2 - Change
0H50XZD0H5XXZZ   Operation 5 - Destruction
0H80XZZ0H8NXZZ   Operation 8 - Division
0H90X0Z0H9XXZZ   Operation 9 - Drainage
0HB0XZX0HBYXZZ   Operation B - Excision
0HC0XZZ0HCXXZZ   Operation C - Extirpation
0HD0XZZ0HDSXZZ   Operation D - Extraction
0HHPXYZ0HHXX1Z   Operation H - Insertion
0HJPXZZ0HJUXZZ   Operation J - Inspection
0HM0XZZ0HMXXZZ   Operation M - Reattachment
0HN0XZZ0HNXXZZ   Operation N - Release
0HPPX0Z0HPUXKZ   Operation P - Removal
0HQ0XZZ0HQYXZZ   Operation Q - Repair
0HR0X730HRXXKZ   Operation R - Replacement
0HSSXZZ0HSXXZZ   Operation S - Reposition
0HTQXZZ0HTY0ZZ   Operation T - Resection
0HUT07Z0HUXXKZ   Operation U - Supplement
0HWPX0Z0HWUXKZ   Operation W - Revision
0HX0XZZ0HXNXZZ   Operation X - Transfer
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