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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System S - Lower Joints

section notes
0S2YX0Z0S2YXYZ   Operation 2 - Change
0S500ZZ0S5Q4ZZ   Operation 5 - Destruction
0S9000Z0S9Q4ZZ   Operation 9 - Drainage
0SB00ZX0SBQ4ZZ   Operation B - Excision
0SC00ZZ0SCQ4ZZ   Operation C - Extirpation
0SG00700SGQ4KZ   Operation G - Fusion
0SH003Z0SHQ48Z   Operation H - Insertion
0SJ00ZZ0SJQXZZ   Operation J - Inspection
0SN00ZZ0SNQXZZ   Operation N - Release
0SP000Z0SPW4JZ   Operation P - Removal
0SQ00ZZ0SQQXZZ   Operation Q - Repair
0SR007Z0SRW0KZ   Operation R - Replacement
0SS004Z0SSQXZZ   Operation S - Reposition
0ST20ZZ0STQ0ZZ   Operation T - Resection
0SU007Z0SUW09Z   Operation U - Supplement
0SW000Z0SWWXJZ   Operation W - Revision
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