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ICD-10-PCS Procedure Codes

Section 0 - Medical and Surgical

section notes

Body System S - Lower Joints

section notes

Operation S - Reposition

section notes
0SS004Z0SS0XZZ   Body Part 0 - Lumbar Vertebral Joint
0SS304Z0SS3XZZ   Body Part 3 - Lumbosacral Joint
0SS504Z0SS5XZZ   Body Part 5 - Sacrococcygeal Joint
0SS604Z0SS6XZZ   Body Part 6 - Coccygeal Joint
0SS704Z0SS7XZZ   Body Part 7 - Sacroiliac Joint, Right
0SS804Z0SS8XZZ   Body Part 8 - Sacroiliac Joint, Left
0SS904Z0SS9XZZ   Body Part 9 - Hip Joint, Right
0SSB04Z0SSBXZZ   Body Part B - Hip Joint, Left
0SSC04Z0SSCXZZ   Body Part C - Knee Joint, Right
0SSD04Z0SSDXZZ   Body Part D - Knee Joint, Left
0SSF04Z0SSFXZZ   Body Part F - Ankle Joint, Right
0SSG04Z0SSGXZZ   Body Part G - Ankle Joint, Left
0SSH04Z0SSHXZZ   Body Part H - Tarsal Joint, Right
0SSJ04Z0SSJXZZ   Body Part J - Tarsal Joint, Left
0SSK04Z0SSKXZZ   Body Part K - Tarsometatarsal Joint, Right
0SSL04Z0SSLXZZ   Body Part L - Tarsometatarsal Joint, Left
0SSM04Z0SSMXZZ   Body Part M - Metatarsal-Phalangeal Joint, Right
0SSN04Z0SSNXZZ   Body Part N - Metatarsal-Phalangeal Joint, Left
0SSP04Z0SSPXZZ   Body Part P - Toe Phalangeal Joint, Right
0SSQ04Z0SSQXZZ   Body Part Q - Toe Phalangeal Joint, Left
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