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ASC Topic Page

Ambulatory Surgical Center Links and Resources

APC Topic Page

Ambulatory Payment Classifications Links and Resources

Global Period/Days

Global Period/Days


Provider Based Facilities- CMS

Owned and operated by single entities referred to as "main providers."

Critical Access Hospitals

Critical Access Hospitals Fees, Designations, Etc.

Noridian: ASC Resources

Noridian JE Part B Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Resources

Hospital Outpatient Regulations and Notices

Hospital Outpatient Regulations and Notices

Long-Term Care Hospital PPS

Long-Term Care Hospital Prospective Payment System

Ch. 5 Medicare Claims Processing Manual

Part B Outpatient Rehabilitation and CORF/OPT Services

Additional Links and Resources

Guidelines & Manuals

Research Links and Resources by Category

Medicare Claim Review

Medicare Claim Review Programs


Newsletters and Articles

Part B Hospital Billing

Ch. 4 Medicare Claims Processing Manual

Billing Requirements for OPPS

Providers with Multiple Service Locations

HCUP Inpatient Payer Data

HCUP - Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project

Noridian: Quick Reference Billing Guide

Noridian: Quick Reference Billing Guide

OIG Compliance Resources

OIG Compliance Resource Portal

OIG Compliance Guidance

OIG Compliance Guidance

Outpatient Facility Fees

UCR Section VA Table F Nationwide charges v3.27 (January-December 2020)

Case Mix Calculation Example

CMI – Case Mix index

Reporting of Revenue Codes Under the OPPS

Reporting of Revenue Codes Under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS

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Condition Codes

Understanding Condition Codes

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PCS Coding for Ankle Fracture - Look Deeper Into the Codes!


If you're looking for ankle fractures in ICD-10-PCS, you may need to look a little deeper. Let's take a look at coding an ankle fracture such as a trimalleolar fracture. PCS coding can be confusing as it is nothing like CPT coding; with CPT we can simply code an ankle ...

IPPS and DRG's: What it Means


Understanding hospital pricing can get complicated, so we have broken it down according to CMS and the acute Inpatient Prospective Payment System, also known as IPPS. Find-A-Code uses IPPS for inpatient pricing with our MS-DRG grouper. The following information comes from CMS.gov and answers the most common questions regarding DRGs ...

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