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2022-06-16-MLNC - ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes: Fiscal Year 2023


News - Comprehensive Error Rate Testing Program Report: Sample Reduced for Reporting Year 2023 - Men’s Health: Talk to Your Patients About Preventive Services - Compliance - Implanted Spinal Neurostimulators: Document Medical Records - Claims, Pricers, & Codes - ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes: Fiscal...

Methadone Take-Home Flexibilities Extension Guidance

On March 16, 2020, SAMHSA issued an exemption to Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) whereby a state could request “a blanket exception for all stable patients in an OTP to receive 28 days of Take-Home doses of the patient’s medication for opioid use disorder.” States could also “request up to 14 days of Take-Home medication for those patients who are less stable but who the OTP believes can safely handle this level of Take-Home medication.” The exemption will carry on effective upon the expiration of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, subject to conditions listed in this article.

Understanding the Basics of Reporting Mammography Services


How familiar are you with the coding and documentation requirements for screening and diagnostic mammography? What is diagnostic digital breast tomosynthesis and can you bill for it? This article review the basics of reporting screening, diagnostic, and digital breast tomosynthesis.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Incentive Program Receives Go Ahead From the OIG


DynamiCare Health Inc. has developed a contingency management program for those dealing with substance use disorders. DynamiCare Health Inc. has developed a contingency management program for those dealing with substance use disorders. CM “addresses the brain’s reward response in ways that conventional counseling and medications often cannot.” Over a course of 50 years, it has shown that this program is effective. The OIG, upon analysis, has determined that there is low risk for fraud and abuse and has offered their opinion at the request of DynamiCare Health, Inc.

Infuse Yourself with Knowledge on Reporting Therapeutic, Prophylactic, and Diagnostic Injection Services


Does your documentation meet the standards for reporting therapeutic, prophylactic, and diagnostic infusions and injections? Take a minute to infuse yourself with the information needed to accurately code and sequence these services for maximum reimbursement.

Refresh Your IV Hydration Coding Knowledge


Reporting IV infusion services can be complicated, especially when multiple infusions are reported in a single encounter. Take a few minutes to freshen up your knowledge on IV hydration coding with a review of the guidelines and a few coding scenarios.

Split/Shared Visits No Longer Specific to Medicare Plans in 2022


Medicare is making changes to the reporting guidelines for split or shared services. Some important changes have already gone into effect as of January 1, 2022 and others are scheduled to go into effect in 2023. If your organization reports split or shared services, it’s time to look more closely at how the new rules will affect your compliance policies and reimbursement.

Critical Care Services Changes in the Medicare 2022 Final Rule


Critical Care Services — Medicare's final ruling has been released. This article discusses the changes to critical care services, including bundled services, concurrent services, global surgery, time spent performing CCS services, and documentation requirements. It also lists the two new modifiers.

Changes in RPM for 2021! Now, Wait for it... New RTM Codes for 2022


Remote physiologic monitoring and clinical data monitoring is a relatively new concept thriving and growing as an essential component for telehealth services. According to global consumer trends, a company called Dynata reported, "Among the 39% of people who consulted a healthcare professional, two-thirds used telemedicine, many of them for the first time ...

Understanding How Place of Service Codes Work


The Place of service (POS) codes are used by CMS, Medicaid, and other private insurance to indicate where medically related items and services are sold or dispensed for a patient. POS codes are used for professional billing and are required to be reported on each claim submitted on a CMS-1500 ...

Comparison of Add-On Code Guidelines


Add-on codes are codes that are not intended to be reported alone. They are reported with another primary procedure to identify that additional services have been provided in conjunction with that primary procedure. Generally, they include the words “List separately in addition to code.” Interestingly, there are some differences in the instructions/guidelines regarding the use of these codes in the CPT® codebook, the NCCI Policy Manual, and on the CMS website. This article outlines the differences between each of these.

Coding Lesions and Soft Tissue Excisions


There are several considerations to be aware of before assigning a code for lesions and soft tissue excisions. The code selection will be determined upon the following: Check the pathology reports, if any, to confirm Morphology (whether the neoplasm is benign, in-situ, malignant, or uncertain) Technique Topography (anatomic location) The size Tissue Level Type of closure required Layers ...

Failure to Follow Payer’s Clinical Staff Rules Costs Provider $273K


Clinical staff (e.g., LPN, RN, MA) provide essential services which allow providers to leverage their time and improve reimbursement opportunities and run their practices more efficiently. There is, however, an ongoing question of how to appropriately bill for clinical staff time. This is really a complex question which comes down to code descriptions, federal or state licensure, AND payer policies. Failure to understand licensing and payer policies led a Connecticut provider organization down a path that ended in a $273,000 settlement with both federal and state governments.

Properly Reporting Imaging Overreads (Including X-Rays)


hile many provider groups offer some imaging services in their offices, others may rely on external imaging centers. When the provider reviews images performed by an external source (e.g., independent imaging center), that is typically referred to as an overread or a re-read. Properly reporting that work depends on a variety of factors as discussed in this article.

Evaluation & Management (E/M) Webinar Q/A


Find answers to some questions asked by attendees of our recent webinar regarding the changes released by the AMA in their March 9, 2021 Errata and Technical Corrections document in relation to Evaluation & Management (E/M).

CMS Final Rule Changes E/M Reporting Guidelines


Just when we thought we had figured out Evaluation and Management (E/M) reporting for 2021, CMS released their final rule and now we will need to make some adjustments. While CMS stated that they were adopting the AMA guidelines for E/M office or other outpatient services, they did make a few changes.

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