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This tool provides a quick comparison of your fee to the Medicare fee schedule.

Customized Fee Analysis

Review fees for Medicare, Workers Compensation and UCR customized just for you.

Pro Fee Calculator

Verify Medicare Reimbursement and UCR Fees for Professional Services

MS-DRG Grouper

Use this tool to calculate payments to cover operating costs for inpatient hospital stays.

APC Packager/Pricer

Use this tool to calculate the Ambulatory Payment Classification and prices.

ASC Payment Calculator

Use this tool to calculate fees for the Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Patient Responsibility Calculator

Quickly Calculate Patient Payment



RVUs & Medicare Fees

RVUs & Medicare Fees

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Critical Access Hospitals Fees

Critical Access Hospitals Fees, Designations, Etc.

HCUP Inpatient Payer Data

HCUP - Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project

MLN Fact Sheet

For ICD-10-CM, ICD10-PCS, CPT, and HCPCS Code Sets

Outpatient Facility Fees

UCR Section VA Table F Nationwide charges v3.27 (January-December 2020)

UCR - VA, Payer Rates and Charges

Inpatient MS-DRG FY 2020 v3.26

How to Use the Searchable MPFS

How to use the Searchable Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS)

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Interpreting the VA's UCR Pricing


Representing the methodologies used in the VA's pricing determinations is better understood coming directly from the source or an attorney who is familiar with the laws.  Our responsibility is to educate you with information directly from the source, where you can find your answers or contact them directly. We are happy to ...

UCR Anesthesia Fee Calculations and Base Units - Now Available!


As per customer request, Find-A-Code now offers UCR Anesthesia Fee Calculations along with CMS and ASA. The anesthesia fee calculations can be found under the Fees section of the code and under the Anesthesia Fee Information.   Time units are computed by dividing the reported anesthesia time by 15 minutes (17 minutes / 15 minutes = 1.13 units). NOTE: Always ...

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Skyrocket Cash Collections, Even When Patients Have High Deductibles and Copays

Are you seeing $5,000, $7,500, and even $10,000 deductibles? We're hearing doctors from every state tell us they can't believe how high patients' insurance deductibles are getting. Some are even reporting patient copays of $50 - $60. (That's more than most docs charge for their adjustment!) When accepting insurance, do you know that you CAN'T discount services that apply to these large deductibles? And you can't treat them as "cash" patients. There is a way to overcome this problem of rising deductibles & copays and collect more cash - all while still accepting insurance. This one strategy alone will help you increase your case acceptance, even when patients have $10,000 deductibles. Join Dr. Miles Bodzin for this information-packed presentation. If you're going to be able to serve your communities and sleep well at night, you need this information.

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How to Convert Your Medicare Patients to Cash to Avoid the Penalties of MACRA

The #1 concern reported by CMS about chiropractors is that, as a profession, we do a poor job of understanding maintenance care. Of course, that is THEIR definition of maintenance care. When you better understand the rules of medical necessity in Medicare, you begin to see what they are talking about. The truth is that there is a “gray” area between the distinct “white” of active treatment and the “black” of maintenance treatment, and that gray area is confusing when defining “covered” vs. “not covered” chiropractic care in Medicare. Join us to find out the following critical information in time for the MACRA Section 514 implementation January 1, 2017: Find out exactly what Medicare deems as maintenance care and how to recognize it with our patients Learn what your options are for treating your Medicare patient’s maintenance care for cash Hear scripting that is vital to your patient understanding what’s going on with their coverage, or lack thereof Properly document the difference between active and maintenance care Better manage those little incidents that come up for chronic, Medicare patients

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