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2020 Healthcare Administration Alliance Evaluation and Management (E/M) Conference Sessions Now Available for Purchase

By Michael Hanahan
November 09, 2020

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2020 Healthcare Administration Alliance
Evaluation and Management (E/M) Conference Sessions
 Now Available for Purchase

Ideal Opportunity for Medical Coders, Auditors, Managers, and Providers to Review Acclaimed Workshops Focused on Significant E/M Changes
Affecting Reimbursement in 2021 and Beyond

 November 05, 2020 - SPANISH FORK, UT. The Healthcare Administration Alliance (HAA) today announced that the organization will make available all sessions from its 2020 Evaluation and Management Conference for purchase. Designed to prepare coding professionals  for the long-anticipated 2021 E/M coding revisions, the conference provided three full days of E/M-specific panels and presentations from industry experts whose specializations include healthcare law, medical practice leadership, coding and auditing, and education. The entire workshop is now available for purchase in its entirety or by individual session.

 “The Evaluation and Management codes and guidelines will soon undergo very significant updates – those who depend on E/M accuracy in their professions are quickly running out of time to  prepare,” said LaMont Leavitt, Executive Director of HAA. Dave Berky, Director of Technology with HAA added: “Precise documentation and coding of E/M services are essential to providing patients with quality care, and providers with maximum and timely payment. Anyone who is an E/M professional will find our symposium content to be of tremendous professional value for both immediate learning and longer-term reference.”

 After almost 30 years of the same E/M codes and coding guidelines, the most reported subset of evaluation and management codes have finally been revised to bring E/M coding into the 21st century. The original codes and guidelines were published when the DOS (Disk Operating System) was the most prevalent computer system. Today, providers, with iPads and tablets in hand, are caring for patients in a high-tech environment while being governed by decades-old documentation and coding guidelines.

In 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced adoption of the E/M code changes published by the American Medical Association (AMA) in the Current Procedural Terminology® (CPT) codebook. These changes are specific to Office or Other Outpatient E/M services. Changes made to this subsection of E/M coding will significantly impact provider reimbursement as well as the auditing process for years to come.

 Click here to review and purchase available HCA 2020 Symposium content.

About Healthcare Administration Alliance

The Healthcare Administration Alliance is an independent member-driven organization founded in 2019 by healthcare administration stakeholders in response to a growing need for promotion, cooperation, and interoperability among entities and individuals involved in the administration of healthcare. For more information, visit Sponsored in part by innoviHealth, makers of Find-A-Code, the 2021 virtual conference was the first multi-day, educational conference to focus on the forthcoming E/M-specific coding changes.

 About innoviHealth

innoviHealth is the privately held, Utah-based, parent company of HCC Coder, Find-A-Code, ChiroCode, and Codapedia. The Founders have decades of experience in the medical billing and coding industry, and decades more experience in information technology. Every day, this unique blend of medical coding and information engineering skills are combined with on-going customer feedback to improve and simplify the process of medical coding, billing, and auditing for our users.


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