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2009 August Items

Find-A-Code Has A New Look!

August 30, 2009
In case you didn't notice, or have just arrived, Find-A-Code has been given a major facelift! We are very excited to present our new look and feel to you, and we know you'll love it too! For any feedback, questions, or comments that you may have, feel free to email us at Read More

DRGs Have Arrived!

August 19, 2009
Find-A-Code now has DRGs available! To view the DRGs, log in to Find-A-Code and go to the Home page. DRGs are listed in the Codes & Data Sets column. The DRGs are organized by Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) and DRG Type, by which you can view an individual DRG, including its relative weight a... Read More

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