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2017 February Items

New Find-A-Code Feature for Account Admins!

February 24, 2017
Attention Account Administrators! Your Find-A-Code account now has the ability to customize each user according to each users need.  Simply select the gear in the upper right corner.    As the Account administrator you now have the ability to change each user(s) display settings.... Read More

Are You Looking for PRN Auditing Work? APPLY NOW!

February 24, 2017
DoctorsManagement, LLC and NAMAS are looking for PRN auditors, particularly auditors who have experience in the following specialties:-Facility-Based Services-Physician-Based Services, particularly: Interventional Services (Interventional radiology, cardiology and vascular) Cardiovascular Rad... Read More

NAMAS - Documentation: Carrying Forward or Ineffective Use of Templates?

February 24, 2017 - By NAMAS
I often receive questions such as the below from our members regarding E&M scoring:"I have heard that if information is 'cloned' or 'moved forward' from a previous visit, we should not count that info in scoring. However, I have also read that if a provider moves the info forward and also docume... Read More

Did You Know?: Find-A-Code Articles

February 21, 2017
Did you know... with your Find-A-Code subscription, you have access to hundreds of informational newsletters with the ability to search by keywords, information tags, or by date? Check out the list of articles here.We would love to hear your feedback about the content used in our tips and articles.... Read More

Small Practices May Be Exempt From CMS MIPS Program

February 15, 2017 - By AAPC
The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is a Quality Payment Program that combines the existing Medicare Meaningful Use (MU), Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), and Value-Based Modifier (VBM) programs, and adds a fourth component to promote ongoing improvement and innovatio... Read More

Are You Signed Up For Our FREE Newsletter?

February 14, 2017
Stay up to date with our Find-A-Code Focus Newsletter! Get weekly updates on new Find-A-Code tools and content, Medicare updates, coding tips, and more.Our sign up link is now conveniently located under the Info tab at the top of the page. Sign up today!... Read More


February 14, 2017
Sign up now, for your FREE 100% no obligation MACRA Webinar and CEU today for you and all your friends! Presented by: Renae Rossow Time: 51.23 minutes Objective: To take a high level overview look at MACRA and what will take place in January 2017. Topics covered: Quick overview MIPS... Read More

Breaking News: Cigna ends merger with Anthem, sues for more than $14B

February 14, 2017
In a move that defies Anthem’s push to fight for their deal, Cigna has terminated its merger agreement with Anthem and filed suit against the larger insurer. Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled against the two insurers’ planned merger, saying it would violate antitrust law by less... Read More


February 08, 2017
Again?!Yes, we've again enhanced the Compare-A-Fee™ and Customized Fee Schedules products that we launched just a couple weeks ago.Thank you for all the great feedback on our new products.  We took another of the most popular suggestions and again used it to improve the tools.Now for anes... Read More

Compare-A-Fee™: New Fee Schedules Section on Code Info Pages

February 03, 2017
Already?! Yes, we've already enhanced the Compare-A-Fee™ product that we launched just a week ago. Thank you for all the great feedback on our new products.  We took one of the most popular suggestions and used it to improve the tool.Now, on each code information page, you can see all o... Read More

New Add-On: BC Advantage Magazine + 20 CEUs and Webinars

February 01, 2017
*** GET 20 AAPC and AHIMA Approved CEUs Each Year *** Save Time, Save Money and Satisfy Your CEU Requirements BC Advantage is an industry magazine and online CEU Center providing low-cost educational resources for medical office professionals.  A must-read resource for physicians, practice... Read More

Announcing InstaCode's 2017 Reimbursement Guide for Dental with Medical crosswalks.

February 01, 2017
Announcing InstaCode's 2017 Reimbursement Guide for Dental with Medical crosswalks. We are excited to introduce a truly unique product that will be a valuable asset to the financial health of your practice. Some of the new features include: CDT, CPT, ICD-10-CM and HCPCS CDT to CPT Crosswalks... Read More

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