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2013 January Articles

Medicare Fees Discrepancies

January 08, 2013
We have been receiving quite a few calls and chats from concerned providers about Medicare fee amounts. When they go to their local Medicare carrier website and download fee schedules, the numbers are quite lower than what they are seeing in The problem appears to stem from two diffe... Read More

CMS Announces Medicare Physician Fee Fix

January 03, 2013
This morning, CMS issed the following press release with further details on how the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) of 2012 pertains to the "doc fix". This is only the beginning. Be aware of further announcements regarding ATRA. This is the official announcement (highlighting added): P... Read More

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Cuts Largely Averted

January 03, 2013
Last minute Congressional action on Tuesday night halted the scheduled Medicare fee cuts scheduled to begin on January 1, 2013. As part of the “fiscal cliff” bill (the American Taxpayer Relief Act [ATRA] of 2012), this law delays the SGR cuts for a year and pushes back another 2% cut for... Read More

Welcome to 2013! Massive Find-A-Code update!

January 01, 2013
Find-A-Code has posted the changes for 2013 Quarter 1. This massive update includes new information for the following: CPT®, including updated AMA Guidelines (including official Errata changes dated 12/12/2012) HCPCS, including Dental Codes (in the CDT package) Updated Fees, RVUs, and NCCI... Read More

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