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2010 December Items

ICD-9 E Codes Index Now in Click-A-Dex

December 27, 2010
Find-A-Code is proud to announce the addition of the ICD-9 E Codes Index to our simple and powerful Click-A-Dex™ tool.  Now subscribers can quickly search the E Codes Index for the most appropriate code.Also we have enhanced Click-A-Dex by adding some easy-to-see white and green plus icon... Read More

November 2010 CPT® Assistant Available

December 24, 2010
As part of the CPT® Assistant Archives package, the archives for November 2010 are now available.Highlights from this issue include: Fluoroscopy Minimally Invasive Lumbar Spinal Decompression (MILD) Procedure Using Stereotactic Template Guided Saturation Biopsy for the Prostate EEG Epi... Read More

ICD-9 Table of Drugs - Now Available in Click-A-Dex™

December 23, 2010
Find-A-Code has completed the web's most useful tool for looking up ICD-9 Drug Codes.  We added the ICD-9 Drug Table to our easy-to-use Click-A-Dex™ tool:As you can see searching for a drug/substance yeilds a list of related ICD-9 codes for each for each of the 6 incident categories:... Read More

ICD-9 Appendices Added

December 22, 2010
Find-A-Code is happy to announce that five new PDF files have been added comprising the ICD-9 Appendices: Appendix A - Morphology of Neoplasms Appendix C - Drug Classifications Appendix D - Industrial Accident Classifications Appendix E - 3 Digit Categories E Codes Index These files can be... Read More

Find-A-Code Adds 6 More Code Sets!

December 17, 2010
Find-A-Code is pleased to announce the addition of 6 new medical code sets.  We have created a new "Code Sets" section named "Other Code Sets":We have added the following code sets to the new "Other Code Sets" page: ABC Codes  (Moved from home page) CMS1500 - Place of Service Codes&nb... Read More

Medicare and Medicaid Extenders Act of 2010 is a GO

December 16, 2010
On Wednesday, December 15, 2010, the  Medicare and Medicaid Extenders Act of 2010, was signed into law. Providers can breathe a sigh of relief for 2011 Medicare fees. Some of the RVUs did change so not all fees will be exactly the same in January as they are right now. Several othe... Read More

Enhanced Code Hierarchy Display

December 15, 2010
Find-A-Code has enhanced the code hierarchy display to include code icons that show to the right of the code description:And this hierarchy drill down system enhancement has been extended to all code sets (including CPT®!).  Now the hierarchy drill down pages for all of the code sets work t... Read More

Complete Lists of all 2011 New, Changed & Deleted Codes

December 11, 2010
Lists of new, changed and deleted codes are now available for CPT® and HCPCS codes.These lists can be found under the "Code Sets" - "Information" section titled "Alerts: ..." in both the CPT and HCPCS code pages. Read More

PQRI Deadline Nears for suggestions for 2012 performance measures

December 10, 2010
PQRI Deadline Nears   CMS is now accepting suggestions for 2012 performance measures for the Physicians Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI). However, time is running out. All suggestions must be received by 5:00 p.m. EST December 17, 2010.   The PQRI program was established to promot... Read More

Is There a Fix for 2011 Fees?

December 09, 2010
On Wednesday, December 8, 2010, the Medicare and Medicaid Extenders Act of 2010,  headed to President Obama for his approval in order to become law. This bill, which is most likely to be signed, will extend the following through December 31, 2011: Current Medicare payment rat... Read More

Providers no longer have to worry about complying with Red Flags Rule

December 08, 2010
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has adopted regulations to address the detection,prevention, and mitigation of identity theft. In particular, new regulations were adopted torequire “creditors” with “covered accounts” to adopt and implement a system of identifyingand reacti... Read More

Searching on My Notes is Now Available

December 01, 2010
Find-A-Code is pleased to announce the completion of the ability to search on your notes and keywords.Subscribers can enter code-specific notes and keywords (both on a "user" level and an "admin" level).  These notes and keywords will bring your specific codes to the top of the search when you... Read More

Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary now Available in Search!

December 01, 2010
Find-A-Code has just added the ability to search for Dorland's Dictionary definitions through the powerful "one-search" Find-A-Code search tool:Check the "Dictionary" box in the new brown search category section near the bottom of the list of search categories to view results from the Dorland's Illu... Read More

Another Upgrade for NCCI Edits Validator Tools

December 01, 2010
Not satifsifed with just "better" we wanted to make our NCCI Edits Validator the best.  So we have added even MORE descrptive notes about each Edit results for your codes:Now you can see more clearly which code Medicare will pay for in the edit pair and which code would be denied, ignored or no... Read More

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