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Find-A-Code Focus Newsletter

2010 August Articles

ICD-10-CM Chapter and Section Notes are available

August 26, 2010
We're pleased to announce some updates that we've made to enhance our ICD-10 reference. We've added the Chapter and Section notes for all of ICD-10-CM codes, with Includes, Excludes, and other helpful notes.To see the Chapter and Section Notes in action, go to the ICD-10-CM home page or simply click... Read More

New Hospital/Facility Add-on available!

August 26, 2010
We're happy to announce a new feature available in Find-A-Code - the Hospital/Facility add-on! This add-on brings facility-specific information to you, including fully searchable Revenue Codes and Condition Codes for help filling out the UB-04 claim form. We've also brought in Facility-specific NCCI... Read More

Search Enhancements - Misspelled word detection and more

August 17, 2010
We here at Find-A-Code are always working to try and improve the services you use most - thats why we've added some new enhancements to the Find-A-Code Search. These include: Misspelled word detection and correct-spelling suggestionsWhen you misspell a word, you'll now see a "Did you mean..." word s... Read More

Medicare PUB 100 Documents Now Available

August 14, 2010
The Medicare PUB 100 Manuals are now available directly on Find-A-Code on the "Medicare Tools" page when Find-A-Code customers are signed in.Each manual and section file may be quickly accessed by selecting the manual from a first drop-down list, then selecting the manual section a second drop-down... Read More

CPT Assistant is now available!

August 12, 2010
We're happy to announce the availability of the CPT® Assistant newsletter. CPT® Assistant is the official newsletter on CPT® coding, published by the AMA. This add-on gives you access to all the CPT® Assistant newsletters since 1990, fully searchable and linked to related codes.... Read More

Having trouble searching because you can't spell crazy medical words?

August 09, 2010
Cool feature coming soon - I walked into the programmer room and said to them,  "Not everyone has all of these medical words memorized".  I said "wouldn't it be cool if I mis-spell a medical word that Find-A-Code search would be kind enough to give me a close spelling so I can still f... Read More

Find-A-Code - new product - CPT Assistant is coming this month

August 03, 2010
Find-A-Code has completed integration work of CPT Assistant into Find-A-Code.  It will be available this month August 2010.    It will be an additional product available for purchase. Read More

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