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2015 June Items

Level of Detail in Coding for ICD-10

June 29, 2015
ICD–10–CM diagnosis codes are composed of codes with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 characters. Diagnosis codes are to be used and reported at their highest number of characters available. Like ICD-9, it is the same hierarchical organization. Just as each character beyond three adds more specific... Read More

New Video on PQRS and the Value-Based Payment Modifier from CMS

June 18, 2015
CMS has released the following MLN Connects® video: The Physician Quality Reporting System & the Value-based Payment Modifier: What Medicare Eligible Professionals Need to Know in 2015. This MLN Connects video presentation provides an overview of the Physician Quality Reporting Sys... Read More

Clearing Houses Accepting Test Claims

June 18, 2015
There are some clearing houses accepting test claims. If you talk with your clearing house they can inform you on the process. It is important to  verify your systems are able to generate ICD-10 claims and they are received by your clearing house.  For providers who want to make ICD-10 cod... Read More

Medicare Overpayment Demands: The Financial Timeline and Options

June 15, 2015
The process of Medicare contractors such as Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPIC) and Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC), issuing adverse medical review findings and Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) subsequently demanding repayment of alleged overpayments can be very daunting for provider... Read More

Managing Your Code List in Find-A-Code

June 10, 2015
To Manage or add a Code List simply go to TOOLS and select MANAGE CODE LISTS. To modify or access your CODE LIST select “My Codes” at the top of the tool bar. Here you can access the codes you have selected, add codes manually or upload them from a CSV file.  ... Read More

Global Days

June 04, 2015
Question: Many of our biopsy procedures have a 10-day global period. What is the purpose of this global period? Is it necessary to delay definitive surgical procedures until the 11th day following a biopsy to treat a person with cancer? Specific examples of this would include biopsies of th... Read More

How Click-A-Dex will help you with ICD-10

June 03, 2015
Find-A-Codes Click-A-Dex is a powerful enhanced search index. Using this tool offers a valuable advantage designed for searching new terminology and codes in ICD-10 Codes. The modernized ICD-10 has new terminology and some of the key words you have become accustomed to in ICD-9 may have changed.... Read More

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