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2016 November Articles

What is the Quality Payment Program?

November 28, 2016
If you are a part of the team of Medicare’s Part B clinicians, Medicare is providing you with a new quality payment program. You will get to choose from Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs or Merit-Based incentive Payment system (MIPS). The MIPS is a new program that combines parts of th... Read More

CMS Finalizes its Measures Under Consideration List for Pre-rulemaking

November 28, 2016 - By
Medicare and other payers are rapidly moving toward a health care system that rewards high quality care while spending taxpayer dollars more wisely. Foundational to the success of these efforts is having quality measures that are meaningful to patients and providers alike, and that drive improvement... Read More

Preventive Medical Services

November 18, 2016 - By NAMAS - Shannon O. DeConda, CPC, CPC-I, CEMC, CMSCS, CPMA
The guidelines for PMS (Preventive Medicine Services), like those of regular E&M services are gray and leave many puzzling questions to the auditor regarding what is exactly is REQUIRED according to guidelines. In this tip, I will try to address the areas of documentation and provide a relativel... Read More

New Mapping Tool - CPT/HCPCS Medicare Denial Rates & Average Charges

November 15, 2016
Use this tool as a part of an important strategy to improve your processes and stay ahead of denials. Check your most commonly used codes to give your practice a heads up on denial rates and average charges. This is a quick way to view a group of codes or a single code showing denial rates and avera... Read More

New! Add codes to your code lists from the Search page

November 11, 2016
Find-A-Code Search has just gotten an update that we think you'll love! You can now add codes to your current code list with a simple click:Then use the "View 'My Codes' Page" link to view all the starred codes:Please note: Starring only works for codes, not for code hierarchies or newsletters,... Read More

New Mapping Tools!

November 09, 2016
Visit our Map-A-Code page for new tools as requested by customers CPT/HCPCS Top Codes View the most commonly used codes based on your specialty or the National Average.    Chose the number of codes to compare in the top 100 box Select codes by: Services, charges, either... Read More

Find-A-Code Superbill Builder

November 07, 2016
Find-A-Codes Superbill Builder makes it easy to create superbills for your office. Setting up your own personal superbill is as easy as copy and paste. Your codes will automatically populate on your superbill.   Validate your code selections on-demand or automatically every three months. Use F... Read More

Medicare's Services and Charge History! Check out our New Tool!

November 01, 2016
In the fees section on a code information page we now offer an easy way to quickly view average charges and number of claims submitted to Medicare. This informational tool includes Medicare services for over 50 specialties as well as the average amount physicians charged Medicare for the l... Read More

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