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2012 January Items

Find-A-Code Search now has Autocomplete functionality!

January 18, 2012
We're pleased to announce a new feature that will improve your searching! It's called 'autocomplete' and comes as a free improvement to all Find-A-Code users.Simply navigate to the search page and begin typing a term. Below the search box you'll see similar options, based on what people have searche... Read More

New! Submit to PQRS through Find-A-Code!

January 12, 2012
We're happy to announce a new product available within Find-A-Code. It's called PQRIwizard and makes submitting to PQRS easy and online. Click here to learn more about PQRIwizard, or just watch the following video: Happy Coding!-Find-A-Code Staff... Read More

November 2011 CPT® Assistant Available

January 11, 2012
As part of the CPT® Assistant Archives package, the archives for November 2011 are now available. Highlights from this issue include: Sleep Testing Guidelines Revisions Clarification: Perinatal Period Definition Coding Brief: Computed Tomography of Abdomen and Pelvis (Codes 74176-74178) T... Read More

October 2011 CPT® Assistant Available

January 10, 2012
As part of the CPT® Assistant Archives package, the archives for October 2011 are now available. Highlights from this issue include: Reporting Guidelines for Time-Based Codes Cardiovascular Monitoring Services (Codes 93224-93278) Then and Now: Glucose and Ketone Home Monitoring Lo... Read More

National Drug Codes (NDCs) released!

January 05, 2012
We're pleased to announce the integration of National Drug Codes (NDC) into Find-A-Code. You can search on NDC codes by first going to There you will see a main page:  Performing a search will take you to the search results page:  Here you can browse through drug names... Read More

Medicare Fee Freeze Until March 2012

January 04, 2012
A temporary fix for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule is official. Technically, there will be a zero percent update, however, RVUs have changed, so your fees may be different than they were in 2011.  The details are in the "Attachment" portion of the notice below. Keep in mind that this tempo... Read More

Find-A-Code updated to 2012Q1

January 01, 2012
Find-A-Code has posted the changes for 2012 Quarter 1. This massive update includes new information for the following: CPT®, including updated AMA Guidelines HCPCS Updated Fees, RVUs, and NCCI Edits APCs & DRGs ICD10 CM/PCS, including updated Crosswalks Happy Coding!Find-A-Code: Si... Read More

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