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2010 September Items

Q4 new codes for ICD9 will be available Oct 1, 2010

September 21, 2010
Q4 ICD9 updates will be available to Find-A-Code subscribers.  Be prepared for 2011 coding. Read More

Code Crosswalks!

September 16, 2010
We here at Find-A-Code are pleased to announce the addition of a new "Crosswalks" section on the code information pages. Here you'll find data linking ICD-9 and CPT/HCPCS codes together, using data published by medicare in Local Coverage Determiniations (LCDs) and Articles. You'll also find the comm... Read More

August 2010 CPT® Assistant available

September 16, 2010
As part of the CPT® Assistant Archives package, the archives for August 2010 are now available.Highlights from this issue include: • Neck Dissection Reporting • After hours services • Tongue Base Suspension/Tissue Volume Reduction • Questions and Answers Happy Coding... Read More

My RVUs Enhanced as part of My Codes Page

September 09, 2010
We're pleased to inform you that the My RVUs page has been updated and integrated with the My Codes page. There you'll be able to see all the Relative Value Units for the applicable CPT® and HCPCS codes, with payment amounts adjusted to your specific location, as well as showing national (unadju... Read More

Even more ICD-10 Enhancements!

September 07, 2010
We've been working hard at making our ICD-10 resource the best one around. We recently added Includes, Excludes1 and Excludes2, and now we've also included Code First, Code Also, and Use Additional Code markers to the Chapter/Section Notes and the codes themselves. We've also hyperli... Read More

Click-a-dex™ released, including the ICD-10-CM index!

September 07, 2010
We here at Find-A-Code are always working to improve the services we provide. We're happy to announce the graduation of the Click-a-dex™ from beta and the inclusion of ICD-10-CM index into the Click-a-dex™. Check it out! Read More

NCDs now browseable by hiearchy

September 03, 2010
We've added a new view for browsing NCDs, similar to our other code sets. You can find it by going to the home page, clicking on "Medicare Documents & Tools" and then on "National Coverage Determinations (NCDs)" - or simply click this link. Happy Coding!... Read More

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