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2015 September Items

Welcome ICD-10! Locating the Codes

September 30, 2015
Welcome ICD-10! It is finally here, Now what? For all of our customers we want to offer some Mapping Instructions, and show you how to locate the correct code ICD-10 Codes with Find-A-Code and InstaCodeInstitute’s resources. Be sure you understand the structure of ICD-10 and what a complete c... Read More

Multiple External Cause Coding Guidelines

September 24, 2015
More than one external cause code is required to fully describe the external cause of an illness or injury. The assignment of external cause codes should be sequenced in the following priority: If two or more events cause separate injuries, an external cause code should be assigned for each cause.... Read More

CMS Clarifies - A Valid Code and What will be paid

September 01, 2015
Do you recall the article sent out on July 6, 2015 from CMS and the AMA on being flexible with ICD-10, giving us a one year grace period?  This has article has been misinterpreted and misrepresented in so many shapes and forms.  Many rumors in the health care commu... Read More

ICD-10 Peer Support Group

September 01, 2015
UHIN offers an ICD-10 Peer Support Group.  Did you know that your peers can be one of your best education resources? To encourage collaboration within the community, we have set up a recurring conference call where everyone can trade tips and tricks for ICD-10 preparation. These are open call... Read More

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