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2012 December Articles

Zombie Apocalypse ICD-10 Codes - Be Prepared

December 20, 2012
Just a reminder to "bone" up on your Zombie injury and disease codes:View the PDF If the end of the world on the 21st turns in to the Zombie Apocalypse, you will need to be familiar with these codes for use on claims related to Zombie encounters. If the world just ends, we'll see you o... Read More

October 2012 CPT® Assistant Available

December 15, 2012
As part of the CPT® Assistant Archives package, the archives for October 2012 are now available. Highlights from this issue include: Treatment of Burns Modifiers 50 and 52: Special Ophthalmological Services Coding Clarification: Computed Tomography of Abdomen and Pelvis Then and Now: Debr... Read More

New: Reconciliation Spreadsheets

December 11, 2012
Find-A-Code is pleased to announce the addition of a Excel spreadsheet to help billers in the reconciliation of patient charges.The first page of the spreadsheet allows coders or billers to enter basic patient charge information. When a billing code is entered, the code's description and Medicare Al... Read More

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