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2009 April Items

Find-A-Code new home page search bar - More happy customers!

April 29, 2009
We have had a few of our customers after logging in request that the home page look more like the outside search and our inside search page. We have listened to your requests. If you have any other feedback let us know. Read More

Find-A-Code Booth at AAPC convention - even more features coming

April 10, 2009
The Find-A-Code was at the Las Vegas AAPC convention was well received. We officially announced availability of ICD-10 codes as well as new web tools and google search gadgets to make searching easier. We loved meeting some of our existing customers as well as meeting our new customers. We were t... Read More

Options button on Search page now allows you to limit or expand your search

April 03, 2009
Options button on Search page has now been implemented. Find-A-Code now has so much coding information our customers have requested a way to limit and expand what is returned in the search based on what they are looking for. Just select Options, Check or select the code sets you want returned and... Read More

ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS are now available to search over 140,000 new codes!

April 03, 2009
By default ICD-10 or ICD-10-CDM ICD-10-CM codes are off. To turn on results use the options tab on the search page. There are over 140,000 new Codes available. Because of they way Browsers function Firefox 3.0.x actually displays these codes a little faster than Internet Explorer 7. So Firefox i... Read More

Q2 2009 code updates are now available on Find-A-Code

April 01, 2009
All Quarter two 2009 updates are now in the system for the different code sets. Notice at the top right that it says the following: Your name - Viewing: 2009Q2 Read More

Billing Coding tips on the 1500 claim form and the UB04 form

April 01, 2009
Regarding billing, it should be noted that even if someone is in an inpatient setting, there are still services that are considered "professional services" and are billed on the 1500 claim form. These are the usual hospital visits, xrays, lab work etc. Surgeries, other procedures, and daily roo... Read More

What is considered a "facility"? It is not necessarily a Hospital

April 01, 2009
facility is not necessarily hospital. It is a special designation for certain places such as hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, and other outpatient / partial inpatient centers such as rehabilitation. Read More

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