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2012 October Items

2013 CPT update PDFs

October 29, 2012
With 2013 just around the corner, we have your Added, Revised,and Deleted CPT® codes! See our custom-made PDFs: 2013 Added CPT® Codes 2013 Revised CPT® Codes 2013 Deleted CPT® Codes Happy Coding! -Find-A-Code Staff... Read More

New Feature: Specialty Search!

October 18, 2012
We're pleased to announce the addition of a long-awaited and much-requested feature to Find-A-Code: Specialty Search! Here's how it works: Head over to the search page ( You'll now see a drop-down box that lists 18† specialties (logged in users only).  S... Read More

Article: What Is The Global Surgical Package?

October 17, 2012 - By Aimee Wilcox, MA, CCS-P
Find-A-Code is pleased to announce a new article by Aimee Wilcox, MA, CCS-P: "What Is The Global Surgical Package?".This extensive article covers: Three Types of Procedures Have a Global Surgical Package Splitting the Global Surgical Package? (modifiers 54, 55, 56) What Is Included in the... Read More

August 2012 CPT® Assistant Available

October 03, 2012
As part of the CPT® Assistant Archives package, the archives for August 2012 are now available. Highlights from this issue include: Prolonged Evaluation and Management Services (99354-99359) Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) Procedures Special Ophthalmologic Services Then and Now: Implante... Read More

Find-A-Code Q4 Updates

October 01, 2012
Find-A-Code has updated to 2012 Q4, effective October 1. These updates include just a handful of new codes: HCPCS C9292 - Injection, pertuzumab HCPCS C9293 - Injection, glucarpidase ICD-9 vol. 3 00.95 - Injection or infusion of glucarpidase ICD-10-PCS 3E033GQ - Introduction of Glucarpidase int... Read More

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