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Find-A-Code Focus Newsletter

2011 February Articles

New: 2011 February Edition of the Medicare Provider Compliance Newsletter

February 19, 2011
The 2011 Quarter 1 edition of the Medicare Quarterly Provider Compliance Newsletter is now available on Find-A-Code.This edition contains: Recovery Audit Finding: Tracheostomy – Incorrect Coding Recovery Audit Finding: Not a New Patient – Incorrect Coding Recovery Audit Finding: Ch... Read More

Find-A-Code Search Speed Enhancement

February 12, 2011
Everyone, We upgraded the core Find-A-Code Server over the weekend on Feb 12th.  If you thought it was fast before it is running even faster now!  Thank you all for contributing to making Find-A-Code the most comprehensive fastest coding tool on the market. Find-A-Code Support... Read More

New Tool: Browse-A-Code

February 10, 2011
Find-A-Code is pleased to announce another new tool for researching, finding and using medical billing codes.  Introducting: Browse-A-Code™.Browse-A-Code is a powerful new tool that help you visualize and navigate the structure of various medical code sets.  Not just satisfied with "... Read More

New Tool: Cross-A-Code - ICD-9/10 GEMs

February 10, 2011
Find-A-Code has done it again. We are proud to announce another great new tool for helping you transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10: the ICD-9/10 GEMs - Cross-A-Code™ tool!This amazing new tool allows you to enter multiple ICD-9 vol 1, ICD-9 vol 3, ICD-10-CM or ICD-10-PCS codes and view their count... Read More

New Page View Tool on the Search and Code Information Pages

February 08, 2011
Find-A-Code has created another extremely useful tool for our subscribers and visitors.  Now when you search on a code, you will see a book and magnifying glass icon on the right of the code results:When you click on this icon a "Page View" window will pop up over top of the search results: You... Read More

Click-A-Dex ICD-9 v2 Enhancements

February 07, 2011
Find-A-Code has further ehnanced the Click-A-Dex tool for the ICD-9-CM vol 2 index.Enhancements:  Now you will also see red-flag icons next to codes that are NOT the highest specificity.Non-highest specificty codes are now linked so you can click and see information about them."See Also" index... Read More

December 2010 CPT® Assistant Available

February 04, 2011
As part of the CPT® Assistant Archives package, the archives for December 2010 are now available.Highlights from this issue include:    * New CPT Modifier for Preventive Services    * Pathology and Laboratory Changes in 2011    * Nanoliter Volume Tear... Read More

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