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2013 April Items

4 New Find-A-Code Articles

April 19, 2013
Find-A-Code is pleased to announce the posting of 4 new articles by Aimee Wilcox, MA, CST, CCS-P: Coding Radiographs of the Thumb Coding Screening Mammograms Computed Tomography (CT) Enterography Piriformis Injections These articles are also listed in the "Coding Tips" section of each... Read More

February 2013 CPT® Assistant Available

April 08, 2013
As part of the CPT® Assistant Archives package, the archives for February 2013 are now available. Highlights from this issue include: Transcatheter Cardiovascular Procedures AMA/CPT® WebSite: The Vehicle for Code Set Transparency Revision Arthroplasty Update: Category III Code Changes... Read More

Article: Modifier 33 for Preventive Care

April 03, 2013 - By Aimee Wilcox, MA, CST, CCS-P
Find-A-Code is pleased to announce another comprehensive article by Aimee Wilcox, MA, CST, CCS-P entitled "Modifier 33 for Preventive Care".Summary: With the implementation of modifier 33 and it's complicated and unique description, many coders have wondered how to properly apply it.  Let... Read More

New - ICD-10-PCS Patient Encounter Modifiers

April 01, 2013
It seems like there is always something new with ICD-10.  Now we find out about these Patient Encounter Modifiers.  We thought that ICD-10 was not going to have any modifiers.Read this PDF to learn more about the new ICD-10-PCS Patient Encounter Modifiers.Have a great day.- Find-A-Code Sta... Read More

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