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2011 January Items

New: CMS 1500 InstaGuide

January 21, 2011
Find-A-Code is pleased to annonce the availability of the "CMS 1500 InstaGuide" add-on product. This guide was created for healthcare practitioners and suppliers to save time and assure compliace. It provides accurate and informative instructions to complete the new 1500 health insuran... Read More

New: Searchable Medicare FAQs

January 18, 2011
Find-A-Code is proud to announce another powerful new research tool; a Searchable Medicare FAQ (frequently asked questions) database.To use this new tool, select the "More... (Forms, FAQs, NCCI, etc.)" link in the "Medicare Manuals & Guides" section of the "Coding Information" column.  This... Read More

Another Search Update

January 13, 2011
Not satisfied with great, Find-A-Code had to make the search even better.  We have just finished another update to search that adds a functionality to find partial matches of code numbers.To perform a code number search for partial matches simply enter "!321*" into a search box to view all the... Read More

Search Enhancements - Code Ranges and Wildcards

January 06, 2011
Find-A-Code is pleased to announce the most recent enhancement to our powerful search tool.In addition to being able to use the search box to go directly to a code's information page by typing in "!99201", you can now see a range of codes by typing in "!99200-99300" to see all the codes from 99200 t... Read More

CDT Dental Codes available

January 03, 2011
We're happy to announce the addition of CDT Codes (Dental "D" Codes) as an add-on within FindACode. This add-on includes the following features: CDT Code and Nomenclature, as well as Chapter/Section Notes CDT Glossary - definitions of terms from the code's description CDT FAQs - Frequently Aske... Read More

Massive 2011 code update!

January 01, 2011
Find-A-Code has posted the changes for 2011 Quarter 1. This massive update includes new information for the following: CPT®, including updated AMA Guidelines HCPCS Updated Fees, RVUs, and NCCI Edits APCs & DRGs ICD10 CM/PCS, including updated Crosswalks Happy Coding!Find-A-Code:... Read More

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