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2011 March Items

New Tool: NPI Look-Up

March 21, 2011
Find-A-Code has done it again!  We are pleased to announce the addition of yet another useful tool to our suite of coding tools.  Introducing "Find-A-NPI" the quick and easy way to look up an NPI number.Find-A-Code's NPI Look-Up tool allows you to search by: NPI Number UPIN Number MP... Read More

Top 5 Reasons for Claim Denials

March 14, 2011
Wouldn't it be great to have a Top 5 claim denial list? One Medicare payer is doing just that. Every month they release the top 5 claim denial reasons. After reviewing several months and several states, a pattern emerges. Knowledge is power so let's review Alabama's Medicare Part B top 5 claim denia... Read More

Go Green with Find-A-Code

March 11, 2011
Find-A-Code recently added the 1&1 green logo to their website. 1&1 is the web hosting company that Find-A-Code relies on. 1&1 is a Green Power Partner. In their efforts to help the environment they are among the most efficient data centers in the world. They strive to reduce energ... Read More

7 Fraud Red Flags You Need To Know

March 09, 2011
Every year, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) publishes a very lenghty "work list".  This work list outlines the coding/claim areas that they will be focusing on during the year and also those areas that will soon receive attention. Providers MUST be proactive in knowing what... Read More

Print Formatted Code Lists

March 07, 2011
Find-A-Code has updated our "My Codes" list feature so that you can easily view and print a nicely formatted list of your code sets.  As you use Find-A-Code to build one or more lists of codes you may have occasion to want to print the list to paper for use around the office.Simply go to the de... Read More

Face-Lift - Just a Nip and Tuck

March 04, 2011
You may have noticed a slightly different look for Find-A-Code. We have just completed a bit of a "nip and tuck" face-lift for the website.We moved the Free Trial icon to the top next to the Find-A-Code logo and have some shadows to the boxes on the home page.  However the shadows... Read More

Updated: 2011 Health Care Provider Taxonomy Codes

March 01, 2011
Provider Taxonomy Codes were updated for 2011 including:New Codes: New codes added 1/1/2011, effective 4/1/2011 174N00000X   Under the Individual, Other Service Providers Type, the Lactation Consultant, Non-RN Classification, was added:An individual trained to pro... Read More

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