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CPT (R) CodeBook Guidelines Functionality Enhanced in

February 17, 2022

innoviHealth is pleased to announce that we have expanded the functionality for reviewing the guidelines found in the CPT codebook within Find-A-Code. Sometimes it takes a little work using a standard book to find all the guidelines that apply to a particular code. This new feature, available to all subscribers, simplifies this process.

Expansion of Code-level Guidelines

All guidelines applicable to a code now appear when viewing that individual code. For example, if you look at code 11042 in a printed book, there is a single guideline that states “(For debridement of skin [ie, epidermis and/or dermis only], see 97597, 97598)”. However, if you look after code 11047, there is a guideline that states “(Do not report 11042-11047 in conjunction with 97597-97602 for the same wound)”. now lists both guidelines below code 11042, so you don’t have to go looking for this important information.

New [CPT CodeBook Reverse Guideline Lookup] Function

In addition to making it easier to find the guidelines that apply at the code level, we have also added the ability to view other references to that code that are found elsewhere in the CPT codebook. Using code 11042 again as an example, scroll down to the [CPT CodeBook Reverse Guideline Lookup] bar and click it to view this information. For example, the screenshot below shows just a few of the  places where this code is referenced in other guidelines.

cpt guidelines reverse lookup screenshot


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