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CPT/HCPCS Display Updates

By Jonathan Mitchell
February 25, 2021

Find-A-Code has incorporated some long-awaited changes to the display of CPT®/HCPCS information. The goal was to both expand the data we have available as well as to clarify which data comes from which source. These changes include: 

We expanded the "Additional Code Information" section to include additional indicators from the official HCPCS data file:


As part of this we also introduced 5 new "HCPCS Coverage" icons. These are white letters on a green background:

        Anweb-based icons

We also took the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule attributes and moved them to their own sub-section inside "Additional Code Information" section:


The "Status Code" attribute has its own new icon as well, a white letter on a blue background:


Note: CPT® has identical icons for CPT MPFS.
Both of these new icons will now display up at the top of the page with the code description:


Now that we will have more accurate icons, we are retiring the following older "Medicare" icons that were hard to distinguish between and confusing to many individuals:


Important: These icons will be removed starting March 8th, 2021.

Finally, pertinent information has also been incorprated into a HCPCS Code Dashboard at the bottom of the screen: 

We hope that you find these changes to be helpful and more accurate! Enjoy!
-Find-A-Code Staff


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