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New: Instant Dictionary Definitions

November 05, 2013

The newest Find-A-Code enhancement links words within the code descriptions.

Clicking on the linked word produces a pop-up window showing the definition of the word from either Dorands or Stedmans dictionaries.

To turn the feature off or on, use the Books icon at the end of the description as a toggle switch.  When the books are colored, the feature is turned on.  When the books are greyed the feature is off:

The feature will also appear greyed if there are no dictionary/word links in the code description.

This feature can also be turned off or on for all codes using the new "Dictionary Auto-link:" setting in the "Preferences" area of the User information tab of the "My Account" page:

This new feature will save coders and billers hours when looking up unfamiliar words and allows them to stay on the code information page rather than going to other pages to see word definitions. A subscription to either Dorlands or Stedmans medical dictionaries is required to use this new feature.

Happy coding!

- the FindACode Staff


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