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Find-A-Code Add-ons Price Increases 2017!

By Taylor Smith, Chief Customer Officer
December 05, 2016

Some Marketplace optional Add-on product prices are going up Jan 1st - but if you buy them now, you can lock in the lower rate! Read on to find out why and how.

As you may already know, Find-A-Code has partnered with several 3rd parties to provide our clients with the most accurate and authoritative resources possible within one single system. These products are outlined at our page (click on any of the line items to see a pop up window with more detailed information about any Marketplace product).

The reason these Marketplace products cost extra, is because when we give our clients access to the proprietary information from these 3rd parties (like the ASA, the AHA, the AMA, etc), we have to pay royalties. If we could, Find-A-Code would include all of these resources at no extra cost! But since we can't, we try to keep our pricing the most competitive in the industry and pass the savings on to our valued customers.

Due to rising fixed royalty costs, our prices will increase on January 1st by the following amounts:

AHA Coding Clinics Archive for ICD10 (currently $799.95/yr per account, increasing by $50 to $849.95/yr)

ASA Crosswalks (currently $59.95/yr per user, increasing by $40 to $99.95/yr)

CPT Assistant Archives (currently $189.95/yr per user, increasing by $10 to $199.95/yr)

HOWEVER, if you purchase them before Jan 1st, you can lock in the current rates for as long as you maintain an active account!

If you're not a member yet but would like to Subscribe Now and lock in your rates, Click Here.

If you have a account already, make sure you're signed in then Click Here to add one or more of these products to your account before January 1st!


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