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September 02, 2008 Officially Launches New Online Medical Coding Web Service Sept 2, 2008 – Spanish Fork, UT – Find A Code, LLC launches today. is a revolutionary premium online service known as "The Complete Online Coding Resource." includes medical billing codes, descriptions, plus ICD-9-CM, CPT®, HCPCS, ABC documentation codes, Medicare policies (LMRP, LCD, NCD), NCCI Edits, Fees, RVUs, alerts, and more.

"Find-A-Code is set to revolutionize the way medical coding professionals do their billing," said Dave Berky, CIO of FindACode, "By gathering together all the different data sources for code information into one simple website, we are providing an extremely efficient way of presenting all the coding information available. The coding experience is personalized according to your preferences. Plus any person can now access CPT codes, HCPCS codes, ICD9-CM codes, Medicare policies (LMRP, LCD, NCD), NCCI Edits and RVUs with a simple search. If you can use Google®, you can use our system!"

"Currently, so much of the coding data is locked into unusable or hard to decipher 'silos' of information," said John Clark, CTO of FindACode, "Find-A-Code has developed specific storage and searching technologies that allow us to merge, link and index all of these data sources into a single access point for our customers."

"Utilizing the power of the internet and flexibility of the web browser, Find-A-Code can present this specialized data in ways that transcend the 'book experience.' It is more than just a legacy networked medical billing software package or PC-centric medical coding solution," said LaMont Leavitt, CEO of FindACode.

"It's amazing how I can just click around in Find-A-Code and go from one code to another. It's so simple to navigate and find the codes and information," said Peggy, a Utah coding specialist. will be releasing new tools and data on a frequent basis. already hosts thousands of visitors every month. The release date of Sept 2nd, 2008 is in time for all of the new 2009 medical codes released in the fall of 2008.

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Company Background: Find A Code, LLC provides the most complete online medical billing codes resource available. is designed to help users avoid denials, save time, and get answers to medical coding questions on a variety of code sets. FindACode executives and staff have decades of combined experience in both servicing the medical community and system design and architecture. This unique blend of medical and engineering skills have teamed together to simplify everything about coding.

Contact: LaMont Leavitt, CEO Find A Code, LLC. 65 West 200 North STE 007 Spanish Fork, UT 84660 Email: Web site:


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