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By BC ADvantage
August 17, 2015

As it looks right now, ICD-10 is coming. For all of the naysayers who have depended on another delay and intentionally avoided getting ready, its time to face the music.

As of July 1, you have three solid months to tackle this mountain and weve just made it a whole lot easier for you. In fact, weve taken the intimidation right out of ICD-10 by breaking it down into six little molehills that you can address one at a time.

In this eBook, well look at each step individually and explain how your office can be ready to sail right on through the transition to ICD-10 without a hitch. This eBook will help you create a well-organized plan so youre ahead of the game far before the October 1, 2015 deadline.

Click here to download this 26 page ICD-10 E-book and read more from BC Advantage


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