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InnoviHealth Upgrades Lead Product Find-A-Code with Powerful Add-on Functionality

April 15, 2020

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innoviHealth Upgrades Lead Product Find-A-Code

with Powerful Add-on Functionality

 Enhances Add-on Marketplace to include AMA’s CPT Knowledge Base, 

CPT Changes: An insider’s View + Archives, with CPT Vignettes
 and “SNOMED to CPT to Follow Soon

April 15, 2020 - SPANISH FORK, UT
. innoviHealth today announced the latest updates to its popular Find-A-Code, cloud-based software. Find-A-Code provides the most complete medical coding, billing, and compliance tools available to help coders, claims managers, denial-management, and auditing departments save time, increase productivity, improve accuracy, and avoid costly denials. Immediate changes include the addition of the American Medical Association’s (AMA) CPT Knowledge Base, CPT Changes: An insider’s View + Archives, with CPT Vignettes and SNOMED to CPT cross-mapping to follow in just a few weeks.

LaMont Leavitt, CEO of innoviHealth commented, “We are thrilled to have our new online digital library include the AMA CPT Changes: An insider’s View + Archives product, among many other upgrades. Our customers continue to benefit from the latest and most comprehensive on-line coding resource library available.”

Find-A-Code’s Add-on Marketplace now includes:

CPT Knowledge Base is a collection of real-life coding questions, asked by the coding community and answered by CPT coding experts. Thousands of questions and authoritative answers are provided, direct from the CPT professionals at the AMA. Find-A-Code users are now able to quickly review specific answers to challenging coding questions and search the knowledge base of others' real-world questions.

CPT Changes: An insider’s View + Archives. Prepare for the upcoming coding year with detailed information regarding which CPT codes changed and why, including explanations of how to adapt, clinical examples illustrating how to use new and revised codes, and more. The  CPT Changes subscription on Find-A-Code also includes historical changes for over 20 years - back to the year 2000!

CPT Vignettes. AMA CPT Vignettes illustrate code use through simple patient examples. Every vignette contains a clinical example, typical patient, and a description of procedure/intra-service. Thousands of vignettes will soon be available via Find-A-Code to explain code use, using common patient scenarios and helpful descriptions for all codes.

SNOMED CT to CPT maps are rules-based crosswalks between SNOMED CT clinical concepts and CPT codes that support improved resource utilization and patient care. Universally accessible files allow systems to show where there are precise matches, which information will clarify imprecise matches, and the specificity of the CPT code compared to SNOMED CT clinical concepts.

 Find-A-Code is easily customized and provides the most complete, “one-stop-shop” medical coding and billing library available, helping users save time, increase revenues and avoid denials. Online libraries include extensive information for all major code sets (ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, DRG, APC, NDC and more), along with a wealth of supplemental information such as newsletters and manuals (AHA Coding Clinics, AMA CPT Assistant, Decision Health Newsletters, Medicare Manuals and more). All information is indexed, searchable and organized for quick access and extensive cross-referencing with a variety of custom integration options.

 About innoviHealth

innoviHealth is the privately held, Utah-based, parent company of Find-A-Code, HCC Coder, ChiroCode, and Codapedia. The Founders have decades of experience in the medical billing and coding industry, and decades more experience in information technology. Every day, this unique blend of medical coding and information engineering skills are combined with on-going customer feedback to improve and simplify the process of medical coding, billing and auditing for our users.


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