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Making sure your Practice gets Paid

July 06, 2015

Deductibles! How do you protect your practice from the risk of not being paid, while protecting your patients' finances?

It's that time of year again, you are going to notice the impact of the patient's deductibles. So how do you deal with the problem of patients having to pay out of pocket to meet their deductibles? If you don't have a policy in place to deal with this, your practice will sustain a major impact at the beginning of every year. At that point you will be playing the catch up game and scrambling to collect after the visit. You will be working harder, not smarter, which can have a significant impact on your practice.

Even those who can still afford to carry healthcare, they are finding their benefits are being cut and their out of pocket expenses are rising at an alarming rate. The impact is tremendous on Providers as well as patients. Providers must implement a "Self-Pay" policy for collections.

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