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Press Release: Find-A-Code and Access Integrity Join Forces

July 15, 2013

Access Integrity and Find-A-Code Announce Partnership

Albuquerque, NM (July 15, 2013) Albuquerque-based Access Integrity and Spanish Fork, Utah-based Find-A-Code are pleased to announce their partnership in developing a powerful, new software product that will revolutionize the medical coding industry. The application – named IntegraCoder – will combine Access Integrity's semantic enrichment, rule-based taxonomy tool with Find-A-Code's comprehensive medical coding datasets and search applications into a single user-friendly interface.

Find-A-Code CEO LaMont Leavitt is confident that the combination of the two technologies will fulfill a long-time need in the practice management sector. "Find-A-Code's new Code-A-Note tool [the first implementation of the IntegraCoder engine] will give coders and billers the speed, efficiency, and instant access to critical coding data needed to keep up with the changes in medical coding – especially with the transition from the ICD-9 to ICD-10 code sets," explains Leavitt.

Access Integrity CEO John Kuranz is enthusiastic about the new partnership. "Our patented concept extractor software analyzes text in medical records and recommends relevant codes that will significantly increase coder productivity and efficiency," Kuranz says. "IntegraCoder will easily adapt to any practice management platform. We believe that the combination of the technologies will be a game-changer for the medical transaction industry."

IntegraCoder is the state-of-the-art integration of Find-A-Code's all-inclusive coding and billing resource libraries in combination with the award-winning Data Harmony software suite. IntegraCoder is a web-based solution for transaction processing, which analyzes electronic medical records and providers' notes to suggest highly relevant diagnoses and procedure codes. The product targets medical providers and healthcare organizations who want to ensure claims are correct and compliant, allowing for increased focus on providing high-quality, efficient patient care.

The application is designed to analyze providers' narrative notes and to assist the human coder in arriving at the most accurate diagnosis and procedure codes.

For more information, visit the IntegraCoder website at

Register Today for the Private Beta Release

Be one of the first to experience Code-A-Note, the new, state-of-the-art application powered by the IntegraCoder technology. Register today at the Find-A-Code website for the August 1 release. Limited spaces are available.



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