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The 2009 ABC Coding Manual is available now for a Discount

March 27, 2009

Remember your promo Code to get discount $20 off we using Discount Code: $CHIRO2009 The definitive guide to using ABC codes featuring 5-character codes, short descriptions of services and supplies, and detailed code descriptions. Concise instructions and illustrated billing examples make it easy for you to start using ABC codes right away. The 2009 manual contains over 4,500 ABC codes and numerous examples of how to use the codes. Furthermore, the ABC Coding Manual for Integrative Healthcare features: * Procedure and supply item/product index for quick code reference * Practitioner type table that maps common certifications and specialty designations to ABC Coding Solutions' practitioner identifiers * Crosswalks to the Omaha and CCC nursing terminologies and code sets * Code use instructions by code set and practitioner types * Samples of completed CMS claim forms * Code use examples * Sample Superbill (patient encounter form) with brief instructions * Terminology and code request instructions As well as codes for the following: * Japanese meridian acupuncture * Pranic healing * Zhou's Hypoxicology Therapy * Rossiter system * Metabolic interaction reviews and qualification provisions * Caliper and anthropometric testing * Essential oil topical and compress applications


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