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Verify Medical Necessity and Coding Rules

By Chris Woolstenhulme, QCC, CMCS, CPC, CMRS
February 20, 2020

We all need a quick audit tool – Use Scrub-a-Claim and get paid with the first claim submission!

Eliminate errors and rejections using our quick auditing tool, Scrub-A-Claim! Medical claims require a robust application using coding rules to ensure reimbursement and compliance. If you are missing this critical step in your processes, you are likely losing time and money, not to mention the frustration of getting your claims back with no payment.   

Make this a part of your compliance plan to ensure correct claim filing!

How does Scrub-A-Claim work?

  • Using the Medicare database and the geographic location/zip code provided with the claim submission
  • Medical necessity data from primary sources such as CMS
  • Scrub-A Claim offers a suite of test modules that can fire edits for a myriad of compliance requirements, such as NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiative) edits, gender edits, age edits, unit edits, code first and modifier usage in a claim.
  • Changes to the coding landscape are current such as deleted and changed codes, coding rules, edits, and more…

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