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Check out our new MS-DRG-Grouper!

December 16, 2014

Thanks to the over whelming positive feedback and support from our customers, we recently launched our new edition of our DRG-Grouper.  

 Same great classification and reimbursement methodologies, however we have made various cosmetic changes to the way our grouper looks and feels.  

 In addition you can now edit your location settings such as your hospital provider Number and CBSA while you are in the grouper making it easier to change hospitals and geographic area without leaving the grouper.  

 Some of the comments from our customers on the new grouper:

  • Very confident with all the additional options and being able to enter them into the grouper and seeing a summary of the grouper.
  • Works and acts like a much more expensive grouper I have used in the past, with a much more affordable price per user.
  • Love seeing the descriptors
  • I like being able to enter the gender and DC status manually
  • Oh Wow you have a payment calculator?  (customer was not aware we had it in our old grouper- it now opens up  automatically once you group your codes)
  • It is nice to see the DRG Relative Weight on the new grouper (customer was not aware Find-A-code had this information)

 Customer service E-mail:
I like the new version of the DRG Grouper Tool. In the past I have used a tool similar to this one and I had concerns that all the info on the bill was not being taken into consideration. This new version puts my mind at ease.

Thank you for trusting us to be your on-line Coding and Billing resource. Our loyal customers are our driving force; we look forward to your feedback and encourage any contributions or suggestions you have.

Please feel free to call chat or e-mail any time; we love to hear how we are doing and how we can help make your job easier!


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