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Hospital Outpatient Therapeutic Services That Have Been Evaluated for a Change in Supervision Level

December 30, 2014

Medicare requires direct supervision of all hospital outpatient therapeutic services unless CMS makes an assignment of either general or personal supervision for an individual service.

CMS posted a three page list of Hospital Outpatient Therapeutic codes that were evaluated for a change in supervision levels. There is also a hybrid level of supervision for certain services described as non-surgical extended duration therapeutic services (NSEDTS). Refer to CFR 410.27 (a)(1)(iv)(E) for a description of NSEDTS.

The following table lists the hospital outpatient therapeutic services that have been evaluated by the Hospital Outpatient Payment (HOP) Panel for a change from direct supervision and the final CMS decision on the supervision levels.

Also listed are select codes with CMS-initiated supervision level changes. For any new code(s), we list the Effective date for the change in supervision level that applied to the predecessor code(s). For codes with N/A in the effective date column, there is no effective date provided because CMS has not made a change in supervision level.

See attached table if changes and effective dates



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