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Find-A-Code Focus Newsletter

Find-A-Code's Medical Laboratory Test Information product update and new product Medical Lab Test with CLD Rankings

July 10, 2017


The Medical Laboratory Test database was recently updated to include:

  • Over 200 new tests
  • Improved links (quantity and quality) to diseases
  • New Disease focused pages - tests related to a particular disease
  • Additional links to codes (ICD-10-CM and CPT/HCPCS)
  • LOINC codes
  • Auto-suggest search terms
  • New tool to search by disease name
  • New filters to search for tests by Methodology and/or Specimen Type
  • A new professional version which includes Clinical Lab Decision rankings

New Product:  Medical Lab Tests w/CLD Ranks


The more advanced "Medical Lab Tests w/CLD Ranks" product includes Clinical Lab Decision (CLD) rankings.

CLD uses a proprietary ranking system that enables healthcare providers to correctly select and order the most relevant tests based on diseases, symptoms, and ICD-10 codes.

Our CLD system scores over 10,000 test-disease/condition pairs, assigns a rank from 1 to 10 and displays the ranks as a simple color coded indicator of clinical relevance, medical necessity and testing indication.

For example:  "ABO Group and Rh Typing":

The rankings also show up on each CPT/HCPCS or ICD-10 code information page when the code is associated with a Medical Laboratory test:

Using these Rankings:

  • Ensures reimbursement by meeting medical necessity standards
  • Helps meet Medicare and insurance compliance
  • Arms you with the information you need to support testing decisions
  • Avoids liability, malpractice and lawsuits
  • Decreases healthcare costs by reducing over-utilization
  • Shortens the time from diagnosis to treatment - leading to a reduction in procedures and admissions
  • Reduces the number of tests sent to reference laboratories

New Search area has 3 search options:

1)  Keyword search with new Methodology and Specimen Type filters:

Keyword search with new auto-suggest:

2)  New search by test name also with Methodology and Specimen Type filters:

3)  New search by disease:

New Page:
  Disease Information

Customers who purchase the upgraded "Medical Lab Tests w/CLD Rankings" product will see test-to-disease ranking information:

On the test information pages, the "Diseases/Conditions" pop open section now shows the tests in groups by how the test is used for each disease (Screening/Initial Testing, Diagnostic Testing, Confirmatory/Repeat Testing, Disease Management):

Ranks will also show, if purchased:

Tests associated with codes (CPT/ICD) will show in the "Medical Laboratory Tests" pop-open section as before, but will also be sorted by use - and Ranks will show up if purchased:

Add or upgrade your Find-A-Code subscription to include this invaluable tool today!


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