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Let Us Help You With Coding, Auditing, and Education Services for Your Organization

July 11, 2017
NAMAS, National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists, a division of DoctorsManagement, LLC offers a variety of professional and educational services to help your organization operate efficiently and within compliance.
Coding Services

Let us help relieve your backlog AND keep you current!

NAMAS offers coding services for your encounters. We can perform coding services for a one time project, or on a long term, ongoing basis.

To inquire about coding services for your organization, please send an email to
Auditing Services

As a nationally recognized trainer of medical auditors, who better to assist with your organization's auditing of coding, billing, documentation and/or reimbursement?

A review of your practice's coding and documentation is recommended by the OIG as part of an effective compliance program. An audit will identify areas of risk, ensure your coding practices are compliant, and provide recommendations for documentation improvement to maintain compliance and optimal reimbursement.

Our auditors are certified coders and auditors and have no less than fifteen years of auditing experience, including specialty auditing experience. Our team performs thousands of audits annual for organizations across the country.

To inquire about auditing services for your organization, please send an email to

Education Services

Are you looking for educational resources for your team or providers? NAMAS provides private education services for physician practices and facilities across the country.

Whether your team is new and needs additional coding or auditing education to grow their skills, or your providers are interested in how to improve their documentation for maximum reimbursement, or if you simply need a refresher course for your team, NAMAS is available to help. We can accommodate your needs with a live on-site or live online training - whichever works best for you! We've trained hundreds of coders, auditors and physicians including state-level Medicaid and OIG auditors.

To inquire about educational services for your organization, send us an email to


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