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Find-A-Code Speaks at HIMSS

February 22, 2012

Find-A-Code was given the rare opportunity of speaking at the prestigious HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) annual Conference and Expo.  This year HIMSS hosted over 37,000 attendees.

This afternoon Find-A-Code CEO LaMont J. Leavitt and CIO David D. Berky gave a presentation to a near capacity crowd in the special ICD-10 Pavilion:

Their chosen topic was "ICD-10: Avoiding Those 'Oh $!*&' Moments" in which they listed 12 potential pitfalls companies and organizations could experience when transitioning to ICD-10 and how they can be avoided.

The 12 'Oh $!*&' Moments discussed were:

  1. I've done all this preparation and now they are changing the implementation date!
  2. I'm getting a lot of resistance from internal personnel!
  3. The codes don't fit!
  4. Where are all my codes?
  5. My coders need to know anatomy!
  6. I forgot the “x”!
  7. I forgot about 7th characters!
  8. I need to teach my coders “index-less” coding for PCS!
  9. My coders need to know about GEMs scenarios or combination codes!
  10. I don’t know if all my payors/vendors are ready!
  11. I need to train the entire staff on all the new procedures and systems!
  12. I'm not even close to being ready!

The PowerPoint presentation file can be downloaded by clicking here.  Or click here to download a PDF version of the slides.

LaMont and Dave used a tag team approach to ask questions and provide the suggested solutions.  They kept it light and entertaining as many in the audience were tired after the a full day of HIMSS education.

LaMont and Dave received many positive comments about the presentation and many in the audience stopped by the two Find-A-Code booths in the exhibitors area of the conference.


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